10/06/10_Bihar UNICEF ORS Program

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Bindu Devi with her son Sahil Kumar (right) and Anganwadi health worker Priya Kumari (left) at her home in Bhagwanpuri Raiti  village on their way to the local Anganwadi clinic where oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc tablets are given out to combat the sometimes fatal effects of diarrhea.The village located in Vaishali district outside Patna in Bihar, India has been rolling out the ORS and Zinc program as part of the IKEA Social Initiative to combat child mortality rates caused by diarrhea. It is proving to be very successful with education and support provided by local nursing staff, health activists  and program officers from UNICEF. The treatment is a 14 day course administering diluted oral rehydration salts and a zinc tablet which is more effective than salts alone in combating the effects of severe diarrhea. Picture by Graham Crouch/UNICEF