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19 May 2013, Dharwad, Karnataka, India:  Sheela Badami , 35, outside her home in the demonstration zone of Vidya Ranyapura, a suburb of Dharwad.  Sheela says that she can earn an extra days pay now that she doesn't have to go and collect water from a pipe two kilometres distant. As a widow raising six children this ia a vitally important part of her life.The demonstration zones are being run by the project co-ordinators to test the effectiveness of the infrastructure such as pipes and metering. The World Bank has financed the Karnataka Urban Water Sector Improvement Project that is bringing unlimited water supplies around the clock to family homes in Hubli.  Previously people had to travel great distances at irregular times for their water supplies that sometimes only came every eight days. It has meant access to metered , clean water and allowed these people to get on with their lives without the burden of worrying about travel, storage and water use. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank