21/05/13_Karnataka Health Systems & VAS

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21 May 2013,  Nuluvi Village, Karnartaka, India:  Eshwar Ulappa Girennvar (20) who had a heart valve replaced last November after suffering from headaches and sore muscles He has had to stop going to junior college in order to recover properly but is hoping to become a teacher. After his operation he is recovering well enough to help out with the family livestock now. The World Bank is financing the Vajpayee Arogyashree Scheme (VAS) that provides advisory and procurement level support to the Karnataka Government.  In turn the Government provides care for those below the poverty line and  covers the cost of their diagnosis and treatment. Eshwar had his operation in Bangalore and his costs were 100% covered allowing him to get a new start in life.  Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank