Shackled Mental Patients

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5 April 2017, Surabaya,East Java,Indonesia: Febrianto, a 24 year old mental illness sufferer is released from the chains he has been shackled to a stake for the past two years in a goat shed next to his family in Pehwetan village, East Java. Indonesian Social Affairs Dept. workers  cut the bonds and wash his emaciated body and apply first aid before putting him in a straight jacket and taking him to a facility in Malang for treatment. Febrianto is a patient in a program called "E- Shackling" which aims to free people suffering from mental illness, from the shackles that family often place them in to control them in the wake of a lack of treatment options and which will treat them and enter them in a data base allowing them to be traced before releasing them back to their families. Some people stay chained to a stake or in rooms for years by their families and not all families are willing to take their sick family members back. Picture by Graham Crouch/The Australian