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10 May 2012, Tajikhan Village, Jabalseraj District Parwan Province, Afghanistan : Muzhda Malikzada (29) a mid wife at the Sar-e-Hause medical health clinic speaks with twenty two year old Soraya (burqa) and 5 month old baby Zainab..Muzhda trained during the Taliban days and one  of a very few women in her village allowed out of the house to do her work. "We had fireworks every day." she says..The clinic is funded by the Strengthening Health Activities for Rural Poor Project (SHARP). SHARP aims to improve the health and nutrition status of Afghans, focusing especially on women and children and the underserved areas of the country. Already remarkable progress has been made in the reduction of infant and under five mortality as well as pregnancy related mortality. With World Bank support in 11 provinces the number of health clinics has nearly tripled from 148 to 432 and about 85% of the population now lives in districts which now have service providers to deliver a basic package of health service.  The project supports Afghanistan's Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy  which is the governments blueprint for the health sector program for the period 2008-13. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank