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25 APRIL 2012, Chak Padri Village, Rampur block, Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh, India..Pushpa Maurya, 35 years old, the Director of Dairy Producers at the Swaayam Ksheer Milk Producers Association. Married to a watch repairer in Chak Padri village and with two children Pushpa had a Masters degree (MA) before marrying into the village. Before the introduction of the Swaayam project she was unable to do any meaningful work in the village but now she is the leader of 9000 women from 46 villages who supply milk to the government run dairy, Prahe.." My life had changed" she says." Before I could do nothing but now I can use my skills for income and this is good for my family. First we made many small funds. We were all poor women.Then.we thought, how do we take this forward?  And how do we get money.into the fund ? That's why we decided to set up the an federation. We.used to produce a lot of milk but didn't know where to supply it which is why we women got together and decided to set up this dairy. When women want to do some work and they're encouraged to do this work.then they face all kinds of obstacles. And women become helpless. Sometimes the men in the house don't agree. That becomes a problem because they can't do anything because they don't.know what to do.  They need someone to guide them which is why.we feel that we should take this forward.".The UNDP/ IKEA Foundation are collaborating on long term projects in  Rampur block  to promote women's empowerment through Swaayam. Swaayam - meaning 'by oneself' - is a women's social ,economic political and legal empowerment project implemented since 2009 across 500 villages with the aim of giving women the power to transform their own lives and the lives of their children and communities. Picture by Graham Crouch/UNDP25 APRIL 2012, Chak Padri Village, Rampur block, Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh, India..Village women attending a Functional Literacy meeting  at Chak Padri village.The UNDP/ IKEA Foundation are collabor