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17 August 2013, Masaldanga Enclave, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, INDIA :  Chitta Das (left) stands on his property in Masaldanga Enclave, India. It is located in a counter enclave of Indian territory surrounded by a sovereign Bangladesh territory but located within India. The Bangladesh enclave is populated with Indians such as Bilal (right). Mr. Das and his family are the only residents of the tiny Indian territory. The border post marks the haphazard delineation of the enclave areas. Although Bilal identifies as Indian he and his neighbours have no rights to vote, use Government hospitals or get access to ration cards as they live in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh enclave is in turn surrounded by India which cuts the enclave off some kilometres from the acknowledged border separating the two countries. A quirk of geographic fate, the enclaves are an anomaly that neither the Government of India or the Government of Bangladesh can resolve without rancour. The Indian residents living in the Bangladesh lands (enclaves)  inside India are not eligible to vote, receive ration cards or use Government hospitals or benefits. They are essentially stateless.  Picture by Graham Crouch